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Glowing Review For New snom 715 Phone

The new snom 715 IP phone has received a glowing review for its simplicity and yet advanced functionality.

Writing for Channel Pro Network, James Gaskin states: “It’s not a flashy phone, but it’s solid, feature-rich, and affordable—just what you need for a productive day at the office.” Indeed, in what is becoming an increasingly competitive marketplace, the phone stands out for its high capabilities, ease-of-use and low price.

Featuring Power over Ethernet, the phone can be powered from a router. Furthermore, the full Gigabit pass-through switch means when you replace an older analogue phone with this one, you can connect the Ethernet cable from the wall to the phone, then add a patch cable to the computer; this prevents the expense of running a new Ethernet cable to that location.

In appearance the snom 715 looks like a relatively standard phone – it features a handset, keypad and then additional keys to operate the special functions via the display screen. Once connected and booted up the phone will open a window on your computer, allowing you to configure it as per your wants and needs.

From a wide range of custom or uploaded ring tones through to the ability to display messages on the screen when the phone is idle, there is a depth of functionality that distinguishes this as a next generation device.

In conclusion, the review says: “The snom 715 looks and acts like a solid desktop phone. Build quality is good, flexibility of the features and details of the phone are many, and the web interface presents the multitude of options as clearly and logically as you can ask for.”

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