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Huawei Thriving In Europe Thanks To Innovation

Enterprise customers are keen to work with China-headquartered enterprise data storage vendor Huawei – especially in Western Europe, it seems. The company says that since moving into that market in earnest in the second half of last year, business has ramped up very quickly.

The company’s president of Enterprise Business Group for the region, Leon He, confirmed that expansion had been “very fast” to Chinese news sources this week. Mr He looks after a part of the diversified tech giant’s business that sells comprehensive and efficient IT solutions to customers in the government/public sector, finance, transportation, electrical power, energy sector and other larger operations.

What’s behind Huawei’s success in Western Europe? Mr He attributes growth to customer acceptance that Huawei is a great partner in terms of its ability to provide integrated services and its very significant investment in customer-centric innovation. This is exemplified in the high proportion of its sales that go straight back into research and development, claimed the exec – over 10 per cent of revenue per annum, a sum that adds up to $17BN since 2003 alone.

“More importantly” than the headline figure, he added, was that “our innovation is based on users’ requirements.”

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