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Lifesize Aligned With Wired’s 2015 Trend Predictions

Naturally, at the start of a new year industries cast their eyes forward to what the coming 12 months have in store.

According to Wired, unified communications (UC), video and the cloud will remain important in 2015. Furthermore, IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) is likely to become even more prominent, the magazine suggests.

The predictions will be of interest to companies such as Lifesize, a division of Logitech, which fits neatly into both of these categories. The company provides video conferencing tools via the cloud, making them easy to access and affordable.

Writing for Wired, Simon Dudley states: "Infrastructure and video software delivered via the cloud is dramatically changing the UC framework, creating lower-priced, highly scalable solutions for a connected experience among employees, vendors, partners, and customers."

Indeed Lifesize has worked on finding innovative ways to deliver HD video conferencing to organisations of all shapes and sizes. By removing the complexity and cost of advanced communication solutions the company has enabled firms to seamlessly connect with employees and partners with life-like video conferencing technology. As it is delivered over the Lifesize Cloud, the need for expensive infrastructure is removed while the management of the technology is simplified.

This leads to another of Wired's top trends for 2015: ITaaS. With all levels of IT now being delivered over the cloud, including UC and video communication tools such as those provided by Lifesize, Dudley explains: "you’ve nearly done away with expensive, complicated on-premise server technology."

He added: "Combined with less need for complicated security protocols, collaboration within and among companies is much easier."

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