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Lifesize Unveils New Customer Community

Lifesize, a division of Logitech, has today announced the launch of its Lifesize Community, a customer platform that provides advice, collaboration, advocacy and industry insights.

The Lifesize Community is a public forum for customers to share tips and ideas, as well as to engage with other customers who use video conferencing to drive collaboration and productivity within their organisation. It also gives customers a platform to provide product feedback to Lifesize engineers and support teams.

According to Amy Downs, VP of customer care and happiness at Lifesize, the success of Lifesize customers is at the centre of the brand's philosophy.

“Just as our video solutions enable organisations to foster strong relationships irrespective of distance, we now provide our customers a welcoming community to engage and interact with the family of Lifesize users, partners and employees," she said.

The Lifesize community has been sold by the company as an extension of their ongoing commitment to providing world-class customer service, and is set to offer unique support and feedback opportunities to Lifesize customers.

Community members will have the chance to collect points and earn badgers that will display their expertise as they continue to provide feedback and ideas, crowd source information, provide testimonials and join discussion groups.

The Community will also offer resources for Lifesize University, including a number of videos, how-to guides and best practices to ensure that each organisation is able to make the most of its investments.

For more information about Lifesize, please click here .

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