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MTN Meets Customer Demand With ProLabs Transceivers

MTN, one of the largest telecommunications providers in Cyprus, has turned to ProLabs to support a huge increase in mobile and internet usage.

As a result of constantly increasing demand, MTN was finding that its fibre optics network was struggling to cope. Having been partnering to ProLabs since 2010, the company did not think twice when it turned to the infrastructure specialist to help facilitate this critical expansion.

ProLabs, a leading independent provider of global optical network infrastructure products, was able to meet the Cypriot firm’s needs with a range of market-leading solutions. It responded quickly to the challenge by providing MTN with small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers that were compatible with all of the company’s hardware and were truly plug-and-play.

Furthermore, by deploying the ProLabs solution, MTN improved transmission and achieved a stable signal between SFPs, thereby allowing the company to meet current and anticipated needs.

Nicolas Metaxas, procurement specialist at MTN Cyprus, commented: “Our network is the most sophisticated in Cyprus.

“We needed a partner that was also a market leader and innovator. We rely on ProLabs for its expert advice, high-quality products and fast delivery. What’s more, we are confident ProLabs has the ability and foresight to meet our future needs.”

The deployment was completed ahead of schedule and provides far higher bandwidth speeds. This enabled MTN to satisfy demand from its new and existing clients.

Moreover, with the money saved from using ProLabs, MTN was able to buy new equipment and expand its offering to new areas in Cyprus.

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