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PokerStars Achieves 100 Per Cent Connectivity With ProLabs

Online gaming website PokerStars has used ProLabs to dramatically improve the performance of its global IT network.

As the world’s most popular online poker site, PokerStars has 64 million registered members and hosts high stakes games that can have up to $10 million riding on them. With 15 data centres worldwide that were struggling to perform adequately, the company turned to ProLabs, a leading independent provider of global optical network infrastructure products.

Back in 2007, the poker website was experiencing network disruptions on a regular basis, impacting on the customer experience and thus the company’s bottom line.

As Michael Josem, head of PR at PokerStars, explained: “Our number one goal is to have our customers have faith in us. The goodwill of our customers is immeasurable. Every disruption eroded that goodwill. We needed to find a way to ensure 100 per cent uptime and deliver a reliable, consistent customer experience.”

Having reviewed multiple providers PokerStars opted for ProLabs to improve its data centres’ performance. ProLabs helped design a strategy and provided high-quality compatible products – including new transceivers and media decoders – to build out and improve PokerStars’ network performance.

Since making the switch seven years ago, PokerStars has reported 100 per cent connectivity, allowing it to expand its member base and improve bottom line.

“Our reputation and customer base have grown substantially as a result of the seamless experience we can offer players,” Josem confirmed. He added that ProLabs is fast and efficient and its service is “second to none”.

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