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ProLabs Delivers On Need For Speed

As data volumes and demand increases, it is getting harder to ensure data centre performance and availability remains at its highest level possible. Enter ProLabs.

Focusing on the needs of the end user, ProLabs – a leading independent provider of global optical network infrastructure products – is constantly evolving its products and solutions to meet the changing demands of the data centre market. Specifically, the company has been finding ways to help IT departments “optimise every device, every square metre, every watt and every second”, it said in a blog.

ProLabs delivers the expertise and infrastructure to help customers optimise their network through innovative optical transceiver solutions developed specifically for data centres. The company states: “Fibre has become more prevalent as the standard medium for internal and external connection inside most modern data centre deployments.”

There are numerous benefits to using ProLabs’ technology. Firstly it can save the user money by making the network faster and more reliable, while secondly, the superior data centre optics will allow data centres to deal with high demand from users while also being more trustworthy over long distances.

The market is still changing though; the adoption of 10G Ethernet is constantly accelerating, making it the most common connection for servers in data centres. ProLabs predicts: “The continued demand for faster access to services delivery through data centres or cloud based providers will drive the adoption of 40G for network access and aggregation/distribution along with other multi-gigabit technologies like 25G as they emerge.”

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