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snom Unveils Trio Of New Products

snom Technology has announced the release of a new range of IP-based cordless DECT products.

The new line-up of products from snom, a leading developer of IP desktop business phones, promise to deliver major improvements in coverage and reliability as well as a host of new features.

The new releases include the snom M65 IP DECT phone, the M700 multi-cell base station and the M5 DECT repeater. These are just the first wave of new innovative communications products that snom will bring to market in the coming months though, with more to be announced.

snom is already on the leading edge of SIP-based desktop phone development, with a full complement of feature-rich, affordable endpoints for every business need. This trio of solutions is going to enhance its offerings for customers needing on-site mobility.

The M65 handset is said to be ideal for businesses that require mobile coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings; it combines business communications functionality with the intuitive features offered by mobile carriers.

Meanwhile, the snom M700 multi-cell base station delivers expanded coverage over several floors, linking together multiple stations and thereby forming a better-connected network. The M700 supports up to 200 handsets, 40 base stations and 100 repeaters in the same installation, the company revealed.

Tom Ostrander, director of North American channel sales at snom, said: “Our M65 DECT phone and M700 base station represents a new generation of feature-rich mobility for business users… These new products offer expanded range, and more features and flexibility for administrators to easily increase the number of users while maintaining performance.”

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