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Tintri Releases Trio Of Patent Pending Technologies

Tintri Inc. has announced the general availability of Tintri OS 3.2, Tintri Global Center 2.0 and Tintri SyncVM, patent pending technologies that aim to address long-standing performance issues affecting enterprise data centres and service providers.

Unlike conventional solutions, Tintri OS 3.2 allows data centre administrators to see the immediate impact of changes on VM-level latency without having to wait for end user feedback, providing a glimpse into host, network and storage contention.

Tintri Global Center 2.0 also enables ease of management for enterprises and service providers, offering them a new way to monitor and manage more than 100,000 VMs from a single master control panel, grouping based on VM definitions and policies.

The final product in the recent launch, Tintri SyncVM allows users to move between snapshots of an individual VM without losing performance history. Administrators can also use the solution's technology to update worldwide VMs without physically moving data or reconfiguring storage.

According to Kieran Harty, CTO and co-founder of Tintri, a leading global VM-aware cloud storage producer, the company's new technology enables individual quality of service, scalable management of thousands of VMs and access to unique VM-level storage. Unlike traditional data solutions, Tintri's new line of products provides a quick and simple system for recovery without requiring users to use backups.

He continued: “The extensive input and deep involvement of Tintri customers during the beta has been outstanding, and it shows in the quality of the products we are delivering today.”

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